Keep Up The Good Work

My diet. It’s the end of the month and I didn’t hit my goal weight, but I did make progress. I am ecstatic about that. I still have 10 pounds to lose. I feel better, have more energy and can see the difference in my face. Good luck to all of you who are dieting. I’m going to keep up with my acupuncture, exercise and portion control. Wish me luck. Closing down Chunky Annie, check out for more Ramblings Of A Crazy Lady

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Day 17

I was a pig last night. It was so hot and miserable out when my friend Diane asked if I wanted to go for ice cream I said “YES!” God, it was good. I had a root beer float. Tonite I have another accupunture appt. and I am curious to see how long it will curb my appetite. I had four wonderful days the last time until the hungries took over again. I’m shooting for 6 this week. Only 17 days left to get rid of this muffin top. Wish me luck. I did walk up every hill in downtown Seattle this am. That has to be worth something!!

Now to the philosophic, becasue what would I be if I didn’t wax at least once in awhile. Ha!!! I had a deep conversation over the root beer float last night with my friend, about how people in our circles will try their hardest to keep of from change. They may not approve of where we are, but they do not want us to venture out on our own and make change unless they sanction it.  If you have ever found yourself in a position to need other peoples aid, I am sure have discovered when it is time for you to venture out on your own again, they are reluctant to let you go. This isn’t always done with ill intentions it is just human nature. You have to be very clear at these times about your need and ability to make your own decisions and willingness to accept the responsiblity if they go awry. Sometimes our best intended friends are actually working against us without realizing they are doing so. Keep communication open and be honest about your needs or lack thereof.

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Day 20

I finally looked at the calendar and figured out what day I’m on. At lunch yesterday a friend and I were chatting about how we hang on to our “crap” by transferring it from our brains to the padding around our waist. I confessed that every morning I get up with the intention of lifting weights that day only to find other things to put in front of this particular activity in my priority list. Today was different. The first 5 things I did this am revolved around me. I started lifting again this am. Day was upper body and boy am I sore, but I know it will be worth it. Weight hasn’t changed in a week. I am happy because it isn’t going up and excited to see the “dip” when it finally decides to go down. I have to keep up the faith!!!!! How are you doing?

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Day 20 somthing or other

I woke up this morning and wasn’t hungry. That is the norm for me. I usually don’t want anything until about 10:00 am, but I knew I needed my fix of caffeine. Being the good dieter, I walked to my favorite coffee house and then over to my friends for our jaunt to the seaweed farm.

I kept wondering when I would get hungry. I didn’t. It was strange. I felt the need to eat about 1:00 pm, but I wasn’t actually hungry. Then I realized what it was. I wasn’t craving sugar. I wasn’t craving carbs. My acupuncture experiment seemed to be working. I’ve made it through the day without one slip up on my diet and still feel great. It’s 3 hours till bed time, so I‘m hoping I have the willpower to see it to the end, but so far things are looking good. Check in with you tomorrow, I have to go for a walk.

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Cuban Sandwich

I had my semi-monthly acupuncture appointment. The decision was made to treat me for stress, as always, and food addiction. Okay, I can work with that. I ended up with a multitude of needles in my ears, not the most comfortable of processes. Once they were in though, a transformation came over me. I could feel myself losing my appetite. It seemed as though my stomach were shrinking inside my body and I felt more relaxed than I remember ever being during this process. When it was over I skipped my usual Starbuck’s beverage and drank down 20 oz. of water on the way home.

My euphoria was not to last. An hour later I had consumed an enormous Cuban Pork Sandwich complete with caramelized onions and jalapeno. Oh, it was orgasmic!!!! Then I took my child to have Gelato at the local shop where true Italians make it for our consuming pleasure. What was funny was I never really was hungry during any of it. It was more about the experience than the food. This was a first for me. I love food, the taste the smell and the texture. I crave food, but today I ate to eat. Now its night and I’m not grazing in the fridge as I normally would at this hour. Maybe this acupuncture treatment will be successful. I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed.

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Get naked and smile!!

          I stood naked in the mirror this am, just me and my body staring back at each other. It really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I could see a little extra padding around the middle. I could see gravity had attacked my boobs. I could see a few stretch marks courtesy of my daughter. I could see a lack of tan, from the lousy weather this summer. All in all, though, the package didn’t look half bad.

          I hadn’t realized how long it had been since I had actually looked at myself in the mirror. Not once I was finally dressed and ready to go. Not to put on my makeup or fix my hair, but just to look. We need to do that. If we can’t look at our own bodies, how can we expect anyone else to look at them? Hmm!!

          Years ago I decided I wanted to get my Bachelor’s degree. I had thought about it for many years, but one day the “light bulb” went off and I knew it was time. For the next two years, I drove 90 miles each way to the university 5 times a week. I had reached the point where getting my degree was important to me. I felt that way today when I stood naked in front of the mirror assessing what needed to be done to make this body into something I could be proud of.

          My friend Diane calls these moments “flash of brilliance” moments. I guess that works if you are creating something. To me it’s more of a “self-acceptance” moment. I know what I want, and what is keeping me from getting it. Me. I tell myself to get out of my way so I can get work down and be successful. The nonproductive side of me then moves to the basement and whines while the productive side of me gets down to business.

          I hope when you wake tomorrow you will take the time to stand naked in front of your mirror. Look at the bumps, the bulges, the ripples, and either decided you are happy with them just where they are or make a plan to evict them. You will feel better about yourself either way. After all only naked do we see who we really are. It’s really hard to down that donut and latte after you have done this. Do it every morning and just watch and see what happens to your psyche and your emotional well being. It will be good, I promise.

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Day 23

Went for a walk first thing this am for an hour. Diet going well today

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Day 25?

I’m dying of starvation and have thus forgotten what day it is!!! No really, now that I’m four days in it is getting easier every day. I had the crazy desire to graze last night, but didn’t do it. Thank the Gods!!!! My weight is still the same, but that is good. I can work with that. As long as it isn’t going up, I know I will see progress soon. I still think a lot of the initial weight loss was water so this way it has become fat loss instead.

It’s raining like crazy today, so I’m not sure how that will affect my evening walk. If it slows up I’ll go for it. Yesterday I mowed the lawn, pruned the trees and did a bunch of other activity around the house to burn calories. Keep me posted on your progress.


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Day 26

 Didn’t lose any weight today, but I didn’t gain any either, so I’m still headed in the right direction, with 24 lbs. to go. I decided to go for a walk through Nordstrom and Macy to remind myself why I am on a diet in the first place. It worked. Looking at all the clothes, which at this moment would look absolutely horrible on me, was a way to remind myself I had a goal. I wanted to be sleek and sexy again.

I’m trying to figure out my eating habits. During the day I am never hungry. Come night fall, however, I become the Were-Pig and consume everything I can get my hands on. The sweeter and more full of carbs the better. I’m not sure what this is about. It’s probably some psychological breakdown due to my mother’s uncle’s brother’s grandpa twice removed, but I’m not sure.

Anyway 26 more days to go and then life then maybe if I’m not still broke and destitute I can afford to buy something sleek and sexy as a reward for a job well done and say “to hell with your DNA” to my mother’s uncle’s brother’s grandpa twice removed. We’ll see.

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Day 27

Yesterday was a bust. I was functioning on 3 hours of sleep and doing physical labor in the sun. I crashed early and sleep well. Finally!! Sucking down my Starbuck’s this am. 390 calories, I had better jot it in my journal. When I woke up this am I had lost 6 pounds from when I started this diet. It could be all water weight, but we’ll see. It gives me inspiration. 24 more pounds to go. How goes your struggle?

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