Day 20

I finally looked at the calendar and figured out what day I’m on. At lunch yesterday a friend and I were chatting about how we hang on to our “crap” by transferring it from our brains to the padding around our waist. I confessed that every morning I get up with the intention of lifting weights that day only to find other things to put in front of this particular activity in my priority list. Today was different. The first 5 things I did this am revolved around me. I started lifting again this am. Day was upper body and boy am I sore, but I know it will be worth it. Weight hasn’t changed in a week. I am happy because it isn’t going up and excited to see the “dip” when it finally decides to go down. I have to keep up the faith!!!!! How are you doing?

About chunkyannie

Annie Sabarte is an author and lecturer living in Seattle Wa. She has a social commentary blog at Her personal website to order books or services is This blog is dedicated to fighting the battle of the bulge.
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