Day 20 somthing or other

I woke up this morning and wasn’t hungry. That is the norm for me. I usually don’t want anything until about 10:00 am, but I knew I needed my fix of caffeine. Being the good dieter, I walked to my favorite coffee house and then over to my friends for our jaunt to the seaweed farm.

I kept wondering when I would get hungry. I didn’t. It was strange. I felt the need to eat about 1:00 pm, but I wasn’t actually hungry. Then I realized what it was. I wasn’t craving sugar. I wasn’t craving carbs. My acupuncture experiment seemed to be working. I’ve made it through the day without one slip up on my diet and still feel great. It’s 3 hours till bed time, so I‘m hoping I have the willpower to see it to the end, but so far things are looking good. Check in with you tomorrow, I have to go for a walk.

About chunkyannie

Annie Sabarte is an author and lecturer living in Seattle Wa. She has a social commentary blog at Her personal website to order books or services is This blog is dedicated to fighting the battle of the bulge.
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