Rocky Road Ice Cream

My face is covered in Rocky Road Ice Cream. The cheap one. Not a great Beyers, or Ben and Jerry’s, but good ole’ Safeway Lucerne. It was $1.99.

I tried to behave today. I took two walks. Drank only one cocoa, ate two bagels and a black ice tea (no sweetener). I was doing well. Then my tire went flat, my heartburn kicked in and I failed miserably. It must be psychological. Perhaps because I’m currently not having sex. Hmm. I think Rocky Road Ice Cream may possibly be better than sex.

Anyway, I will give day 28 a try and see how it goes. Chime in on your own progress if you feel like it.

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Annie Sabarte is an author and lecturer living in Seattle Wa. She has a social commentary blog at Her personal website to order books or services is This blog is dedicated to fighting the battle of the bulge.
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