Fat is as fat does

I woke up this am and stepped on the scale. It didn’t break but groaned in pain!! The numbers kept rising as I watched it. I was afraid the poor thing would break under the strain. When it finally stopped its little arrow on a number I was appaulled. How had this happened to me. I eat right, I exercised, I was in denial.

Follow me this month on my weight loss venue as I try to shed 30 pounds and get back my 16 year old figure. Shout out about how you feel on weight, beauty and anything else as we go. I’ll keep you posted on my progress, what I eat and my daily weigh in. So today starts at 30 lbs to go and counting. I’m on my second Starbuck’s of the day. Create an account for yourself on http://caloriecount.about.com/, and let’s get in shape.

About chunkyannie

Annie Sabarte is an author and lecturer living in Seattle Wa. She has a social commentary blog at www.anniesabarte.wordpress.com Her personal website to order books or services is www.anniesabarte.com This blog is dedicated to fighting the battle of the bulge.
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